Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Completion Date: 2005

Chroma Streams; Tide and Traffic a site-specific artwork for the Kingston Bridge in Glasgow, Scotland, was designed by Light Projects with architect Ian Alexander, and completed in 2005. It is a syntactical structure into which the chance pattern of traffic and the predictable tidal cycles of the Clyde are visibly presented - and interpreted - through an ever-changing, radiant color montage. As traffic pours into and out of Glasgow city centre the interactive artwork feeds back nighttime rhythms of city circulation to onlookers and passersby. A multitude of vantage point perspectives, from cars and riverside pedestrians, combined with the color-changes, offers unique spatial views of the bridge and river. Chroma Streams uses light to illuminate and give resonance to the bridge's overlooked surfaces. Two monumental concrete arcs make up the Kingston Bridge. Leni has selected the Bridge's underside --its visible parallel connection-- and its riverine reflection as "the canvas" of her illumination project. Directly under the bridge, the connective linear fascia frame color-flow patterns which overlap in the middle. The artist's mutable palette selection and highly orchestrated programming allows for 144 sequences of unique color mixes. Physicist Lord Kelvin's curvy nineteenth-century Clyde River tidal graph was the starting point of the lighting armature design. Two stainless-steel standards -which are approximately six meters high - are sleek daytime sculptural elements. Heightening its rapport with the flow of the River Clyde beneath through Chroma Streams' series of shifting and evolving real-time patterns, the installation explores the relationship between the flow of traffic on the bridge itself and the slow change of tides.