Location: Unna, Germany
Completion Date: 2003

Glowing Waterway, Leni Schwendinger's temporary artwork for "Water Street" in Unna, Germany, was named for the stream beneath its surface and the path it makes to the Ruhr River. The artist's objective was to recall the flows of water and footsteps that have traversed this path, the Hell Weg ("Bright Way") since the 15th century. During the fall and winter seasons of 2003, an ephemeral course was charted as sensorial zone suffused with liquid-light colors. Spectators and visitors experienced Glowing Waterway as a street and as a river of light, redefined by a festoon of continuous, illuminated, aquamarine lines. Projected forms bathed the audience as they strolled, bicycled or rested on curvy concrete benches. The installation can be perceived on many levels and by all ages; a visual juxtaposition of the Hell Weg's large scale, the street-scale of Water Street and the small-scale of a ripple. Viewed from afar, luminous lines and patterns converged to create a path of sparkling water-light-framing the artwork as a gathering space for conversations and evening fun.