Marion O. McCaw Hall
Location: Seattle, Washington
Completion Date: 2003

Leni Schwendinger Light Projects' public artwork for Seattle Center's McCaw Hall opera house and theater was awarded the 2005 General Design Award of Excellence from American Society of Landscape Architects and the Lumen Award from the Illuminating Engineering Society. A series of metal-mesh scrims frames McCaw Hall's Kreilsheimer Promenade by extending the lobby through a progression of illuminated scrims that define, and echo, the entry architecture. Geometrically extending the lobby of the McCaw Hall performance center the progression of scrims at once defines, and echoes, the entry architecture. Dreaming in Color is a public artwork that transforms the promenade at night, welcoming visitors into the theatrical environment. Dreaming in Color builds on the dynamics of color-theory, as the oversized outdoor scrims become canvases. Perspective viewing of the accumulated, illuminated surfaces magnifies the potential for programmed color mixing as the scrims are virtually transparent. Through calculated aiming angles an orchestrated set of "melodies for the eyes" are heightened by horizontal bands of secondary shades that feather into the wider fields of color.