The New York Botanical Garden
Location: Bronx, New York

Light Projects creative collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden began in 2006, with a mandate to create harmonious, permanent lighting concepts for the eleven-house Victorian-era glass conservatory. While design is underway, the Garden required immediate transformation of their annual Orchid Show and KIKU; Art of the Japanese Chrysanthemum exhibitions. The Orchid Show featured hundreds of varieties of orchids --- more than 8.000 specimens in all --- in dramatic displays. As lighting designers our objective is to resolve the seeming paradox between heightened brightness upon The Collection, as the Garden's botanical specimens are known, while minimizing the impact on plant health. With enthusiastic support from The New York Botanical Garden and extensive research on the relationship between artificial lighting and botanical well-being, our balanced design accommodates both the spectators' eye and the delicate flora under observation. Light Projects has since been retained to develop interior and exterior illumination designs for a number of New York Botanical Garden sites, projects to be implemented over the course of several years.