FALL 2009

I am excited to report that Light Projects continues to thrive and expand --on the

forefront of ideas, practice and public dialogue. Since my return from China in June,

I have reflected on the increasing global awareness of light and lighting. Cities worldwide

are using lighting as an urban planning tool.  As a step towards my goal of bringing

innovative public lightworks to municipalities in the U.S., I have had a special opportunity

to get to know Dallas and Fort Worth.  Our exciting new projects in Texas and other

ongoing activities are described below.

Leni's Global Talks and Appearances

Expo CiHAC

October 14-17, 2009
Lighting Now! The Sustainable Lighting Design Forum
Leni's Topic: City Beautification

Lighting Day 2009
November 5, 2009
Leni's Topic: Reclaiming The Dark Side of Town: An Underpass Becomes a Gateway

Build Boston
November 18 -20, 2009
Topic: Design-Firm Leadership and Management

Grand Opening November 20 and 21, 2009

SpectraScape: A Public Artwork for Dallas' Main Street Garden Park

At the heart of Dallas' downtown revitalization, Light Projects has illuminated a contemporary space offering to the public lawns, gardens, fountains, a dog run and open-air shelters. In addition to the park design collaboration, Light Projects has created the public art commission SpectraScape.  This site-specific, illumination-art series of installations consists of programmed bands of video-generated light built into, and emanating from, an array of architect-designed shelter structures intended to attract visitors into the park.

These inverted L-shaped, green-glass shade-structures stand along the edge of Main Street-- set off by an elongated triangle of seasonally planted, gardens composed in colorful stripes. Four seasonal color palettes were derived from the nearby field of striated plantings--rusts and golds for fall, pinks, yellows and greens for summer, and so on--differentiating each combination of hues to "announce" winter, spring, summer and fall through rhythmic sequences of colors and tones.

Read the full artist's essay...

Newly Awarded Commission
Fort Worth, Texas Competition Entry Selected

Starry Trail Crossing
Public Artwork
Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth's West Seventh Street Bridge is one of the city's most highly travelled
connectors between downtown and the Cultural District. Light Projects was selected from a field of invited artists to propose an integrated art concept for a distinctive replacement bridge designed by the Texas Department of Transportation. Our winning proposal evokes wondrous, contemplative perspectives drawn from the vast open skies of Texas and their relation to the meandering banks and currents of Fort Worth's beloved Trinity River. The concept, Starry Trail Crossing, will amplify and extend the bridge's oblong arch design using sculptural elements. From underneath the bridge, interwoven clusters of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) will be visible.

By day, the weave of torqued armatures will create an appearance of water. By night, electronic starlights will brightly illuminate the ground below. Visible from close-up and far away--and from under the bridge and beyond --Starry Trail Crossing will also maximize the bridge's scenic views and vantage points. Completion is slated for winter 2010.

Read the full artist's essay...

Thank you for being a part of Light Projects luminous world!

For over 15 years, Leni Schwendinger has fused art and design with light. An internationally renowned lighting designer, speaker and teacher, her unique approach to lighting crosses a variety of genres including public spaces, landmarks and the urban environment. The recipient of  numerous professional awards, Leni weaves the dramatic and playful possibilities of light into public works and infrastructure around the globe.  Learn more about Light, Art, Cities and Infrastructure from Leni's blog.

T 212.947.6282                  336 West 37th Street, 1410
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LIGHT PROJECTS NEWS...Awards, Articles and Business Certifications

Award for Special Recognition
26th Annual Reconstruction Awards
September 2009

Triple Bridge Gateway was selected for exceptional renovation,
preservation, and adaptive re-use. The jury noted that the design turns
a "one time eyesore into a glowing public artwork."

A Thousand Points On Light
September 2009

A dark-sky activist and a celebrated designer discuss and debate the best ways to light the environment.
By Karrie Jacobs

Urban Light Box
September 2009

LD+A's cover story features Light Projects Triple Bridge Gateway.

Feeling At Home
PLD China
September 2009

This Chinese magazine invited Leni Schwendinger and the Light Projects studio to contribute images on the theme of "home". The studio responded with a collaborative composition entitled Group Home.


The Light Projects studio was honored to be included in the 50th issue of MONDO*ARC -- celebrating "50 Lighting Design Practices" from all around the world.

DBE and WBE Certification

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has certified Light Projects LTD as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). This small business status entitles our partner architects and engineers to enhanced opportunities for federal projects. Light Projects also received Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) status for North Texas.

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