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This Light Link: Scales of Color is the final in a series of three electronic newsletters discussing projects, lectures and exhibitions for which color is an expressive language.

Light Projects' evolving mission to create wondrous spaces continues. The company has grown rapidly in the past two years. Our current business focus includes seeking and attracting clients and owners who share the Light Projects vision.

Stay tuned for the next Light Link featuring interior installations such as the recently unveiled Brooklyn Museum's Elizabeth A. Sackler Feminist Art wing by Polshek Partnership. The newsletter will also introduce you to Light Projects' staff: designers and artists, each of whom brings intelligence and commitment from widely ranging backgrounds, towards the common goal of excelling in the highly specialized work that we do here at Light Projects LTD.

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution
Design Life Now: National Design Triennial, exhibiting through July 29, 2007
Triennial Logo The third Triennial brings together experimental designs and emerging ideas --including animation, new media, fashion, robotics, architecture, product, medical and graphic design - residing at the center of American culture from 2003 to 2006.

Barbara Bloemink, Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs, Museum of Arts & Design, comments to Leni Schwendinger:

Leni, you are so very talented, and your images and video on view at the museum, are so beautiful that I've seen many visitors draw in their breath when they turn the corner and first view them. You are one of the best most innovative lighting designers working today and I am delighted to have worked with you on this and our "Fashion in Colors" exhibition.

Design Life Now travels to the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, from September 27, 2007 to January 6, 2008, and from there to the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, from January 26, 2008 through April 20, 2008.

The Intent of the Light Projects Display at the Triennial
Calendar_pallette was to increase public understanding of Light Projects' hybrid discipline --which incorporates illumination, time-based artforms and urban design. The exhibit creates a dialog between Coney Island's Parachute Jump Tower and Glasgow's Kingston Bridge, two projects that create time-markers and interpret site with light and color.

Chroma Streams, an enhancement to the Kingston Bridge, consists of 142 variable, projected-light transformations initiated by sensor data from road and river. This data converts into a visible color update every minute. Drawings and reference materials depicting the creative and technical process in determining each of these color-palette compositions are displayed. Similarly, for Coney Island, a 365-day transformation calendar was developed with the municipal owner/stakeholder. The calendar tracks light-compositions based on the boardwalk's on-and-off seasons, moon phases and holidays.

The Parachute Jump lighting calendar and Kingston Bridge's transformational palettes exemplify Leni's theory that time is the essential element which will revolutionize the nighttime environment of tomorrow.

Coney Island Parachute Jump Awards: New York Construction Magazine Award of Merit and The New York Landmarks Conservancy's Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award 2006.

Kingston Bridge Views
Notes CBS News' tech critic "Digital" Dan Dubno: Leni Schwendinger is a brilliant artist. I was first entranced by her extraordinary transformation of the Kingston Bridge in Glasgow: a brutal mass of industrial roadway suddenly bathed in flowing light syncopated with the movement of the riverbelow and traffic above. But Leni's rebirth of Coney Island's iconic parachute jump by designing with light just makes me smile and connect to the Dreamland of my imagination. Bright Lights! Huge Vision...

Tower Portrait According to architect Thomas R. Krizmanic ... For weeks I have been meaning to tell you how BRILLIANT your Parachute Jump project is...I really get goose bumps when I see it -- including one time when I was landing at night into JFK. WOW! You are the Christo of Light!

From Time Out New York's Dan Avery:
"The best thing about the revitalization of Coney Island"
CIPJ_09 We're not sure exactly what developer Joseph Sitt has in mind for Coney Island, but we were thrilled by the recent restoration of the Parachute Jump, which closed as an amusement in 1968 -- subsequently gaining, losing and regaining landmark status. Leni Schwendinger of the Manhattan-based Light Projects LTD created the flashy new design, featuring six colorful season-specific settings. You just know the Empire State Building is seething with jealousy.

And from Margaret Maile Petty of Architectural Lighting

...Schwendinger sees these kinds of lighting programs as an indication of the potential of urban lighting. Having identified what she terms 'the shades of night', which correspond to the uses and needs of public space at different locals and times, Schwendinger proposes that 'lighting be keyed into these changes' so that lighting responds intimately to use, people, and the environment, reflecting the true meaning and purpose of public space...

Civic Space Projects
In construction and recently completed

Integrative lighting both mirrors and intensifies planning objectives. Combined with economic development and streetscape amenitization, lighting is crucial to the quality of pedestrian experience.

Light Projects' objective is to improve the nighttime environment by integrating--through lighting-- the visual street with its landscapes, buildings, street furniture, greenery and other features and amenities.

Lighting programs enrich a district's nighttime identity through community/stakeholder participation and interpretation. For example, storefront lighting affects the public by casting light onto sidewalks. A program to improve display window lighting can be developed with local shopkeepers. Building owners can contribute to the nighttime environment by illuminating their building facades and doorways.

In a municipality's public-works environment, underpasses and viaducts can be transformed through light to create illuminated passageways from compressed, darkened space. Similarly, interpretive lighting turns bridges and other engineered structures into the equivalent of public artworks.

As the nighttime environment increasingly defines 21st-century urban experience--with round-the-clock global enterprise blurring the distinctions of a.m. and p.m. through later-night activities and flexible work-hours--visionary lighting can brighten our cityscapes beyond the merely utilitarian.

HTO Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Designed by Claude Cormier and Janet Rosenberg-- and awarded by competition in 2003, this park plan initiated a series of waterfront projects for Toronto. The evening skyline--with the iconic CN Tower--will become a "borrowed" backdrop for dramatic, seasonal color islands designed by Light Projects. Threshold light will be provided in a cool moonlight tint by high mast- style lighting fixtures. This gesture will reduce the number of poles and fixtures in the park. Visitors will be able to touch the water from the park edge, an unusual experience in city park design.

Carroll Creek Bridge, Frederick, Maryland Carroll Creek 2

Carroll Creek Bridge opened to a gala event in October, 2006. Designed by HNTB Architecture and Engineering, its novel, bifurcated design--seen in this photograph-- is illuminated discreetly to create the visual illusion of floating. Light Projects also specified an LED spire for the client to program with changing colors.

Shops at Atlas Park, Queens, New York Shops At Atlas Park

For this life-style center, illumination design radiates from a central landscape. The perimeter building designs are reinforced by a glow of exterior lighting.

The central fountain jets spring directly from the paved surface in a spiral pattern, playfully accentuated by lighting. Paths, trees and foliage are softly illuminated for an atmospheric evening experience in the park. Visitors encounter a range of illuminated environments and effects designed to orient and connect them spatially to the center. A color theme changes periodically, providing freshness and change, reinforcing the sense that The Shops at Atlas Park is a place of activity and discovery. The artful lighting features are meant to provide dramatic and welcoming strolls for families and friends. Features include a dramatic curvilinear metal ribbon running through a portico, a luminous vaulted ceiling at the cinema and a large-scale sparkling chandelier (shown above).

Workshops and Lectures
Objective: To present a vision of color and creativity that will inspire both public and professional audiences.
Leni has brought her talks to a variety of forums this past year. As part of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum's 2006 Fashion in Colors exhibition, Leni spoke to a members' event and a symposium for designers and color experts. Leni also appeared at New York City's GEL (Good Experience Live) and Gadgetoff, where she addressed creative professionals including inventors, innovators, designers and business people.

At the Illuminating Engineers Street and Area Lighting Conference, her audience was comprised of engineers and utility managers seeking new perspectives on street and public-space lighting nationwide. In a historic town center, Conyers, near Atlanta, for the Acuity Brands-sponsored Festival of Lights, Leni shared the stage with international designers, discussing creative city lighting with students and manufacturers.

For the American Institute of Architects, Minnesota Chapter, Leni collaborated with fabric architecture innovator Nicholas Goldsmith in a forum exploring the integration of light and material.

Leni also joined the all-day symposium Speed of Light with design and technology luminaries Murray Moss, Ingo Maurer, David Rockwell, Jules Fisher and Dan Dubno. Featuring academics in the fields of physics, oceanography and art history, the seminar was attended by professionals and students, and presented by the Museum of Arts & Design in collaboration with Parsons/The New School for Design.

City. People. Light. Research
Philips Lighting -- the worldwide manufacturer of lighting and all things electrical and electronic -- invited Leni to a blue-ribbon convocation of North and South American designers and architects to discuss practical and futuristic city lighting concepts. Marco Bevolo, Philips Design, six lighting designers from North and South America, architects Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, landscape architect Dennis McGlade and city officials from Philadelphia and Montreal spent two days together. The workshop was repeated in Lyon, Hamburg and Shanghai. The research will be released in book form in Rotterdam entitled, city.people.light. City People Light Forum, May 2007

Color and Light: Humanizing the Urban Nighttime Environment
Illuminating Engineering Society--October, 2006 in Tampa, Florida

Leni discussed how the colored-light trend is on the rise. As manufacturers lead the way by refining technologies and ease of use, this talk addressed the measures by which designers, agencies and owners might rate the applicability of colored light.

Click here to download a summary of the presentation and Leni's color bibliography. For a copy of the digital slide presentation please contact Kristi Kent.

Minnesota AIA 2006: Light Orchestration: Integrating Electrical Lighting and Fabric

From the trade magazine Fabric Architecture:
Leni and Nick Goldsmith complemented each other perfectly by describing innovative approaches from each point of view - material and light.

Dialogue with Leni in 2007...

. In May, Leni will join the City. People.Light. forum in Rotterdam, the key theme will be the future of urban lighting -- in tandem with Rotterdam's nomination as City of Architecture 2007

In June, Leni will be participating in the Designers Lighting Forum NY picnic and viewing of the Coney Island Parachute Jump.

In September, don't miss Leni's review of the Coney Island Parachute Jump at CUNY's Art and Science series. Presented by The Graduate Center of the City University of New York: Science & the Arts and Gotham Center.

And also this fall, Leni will be speaking at a distinguished gathering at the Color Association--the USA's oldest color forecasting service, founded in 1915.

... In New York City
LightFair International 2007
Open Studio Party
On May 8th, Leni and the Light Projects team welcomed the international lighting community back to New York City for LightFair International 2007.

Light Projects LTD presented, for the fifth season, a bi-annual LightFair event in our studio just two blocks from the Javits Center. This year the Open Studio featured an exhibition of Unbuilt Projects -- including images and animations of Light Projects' current competition proposal for Landmark Wales' riverside and motorway monument (link to this towering media-sculpture below).

It was a brilliant evening. We look forward to lifting a glass with our colleagues at our next Open Studio, Spring 2009. If you missed this year's event, and would like to arrange a visit for another time, please call or email Walter Ramin, Light Projects studio manager on 212-947-6282, or admin@lig

phone: 212-947-6282

Thank you for being a part of Light Projects' luminous world!

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