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Dear Leni,
With this Winter '04 issue of our newsletter we are pleased to articulate the latest phase of Light Projects evolving - an exciting focus for Light Projects: "Fusing Art + Design With Light".

Light Projects' updated logo is an expression of our unique method: fusing technical innovations and imaginative artistry to shape luminous environments. Read on to find out what these developments mean to members of the Light Projects team and our expert advisors:

Leni Schwendinger
Founder/Principal Designer
"Since forming Light Projects 10 years ago, I have sought ways to describe the in-depth research and creative processes I've developed--a harmonious blending of my personal and professional vision with the technical expertise of the Light Projects studio and its personnel. This year, working with our current team plus mentors, advisors, graphic designers and a writer--we developed an identity program to communicate the strength and flexibility of the singular Light Projects 'method': work that crosses the boundaries of art and design, heightening our perception of spaces, surfaces, and volumes through the medium of light."

Charles Cameron
LSLP Senior Associate
"I feel we have created a logo to express the uniquely interstitial entity that is Leni Schwendinger Light Projects--to express both our innovative artistic side and our solid technical capabilities. Another goal is to balance the personal force of Leni Schwendinger with the corpus of the entire Light Projects LTD. staff and contractors."

Advisors and Colleagues Comment...
Harriet Spear, graphic designer: "Leni is a lighting artist working in the realm of lighting design. For comparison, I think of Andy Goldsworthy --an artist working within the realm of landscape design. Both are redefining and reinventing their crafts and influencing others." ?/font>

Nicholas Goldsmith, architect/engineer: "Art and design are two completely different perspectives and approaches to the creative process: One solves an outside need, while the other is inner-directed. Leni manages to successfully combine both in her work."

Stacy Levy, artist: "Standing inside Leni's installation the atmosphere changes with color and light and although you can't touch it...you feel as if you are breathing in the artwork."

Focus on Interiors...

Our last newsletter focused on Light Projects' outdoor environmental illuminations. Here, we take a look at the indoor environments -- built and in- development -- and the clients and architects with whom we collaborate and consult. Our current range of interior jobs includes exhibitions, a celebratory installation for a New York City museum's centennial, a Greenwich Village film center (formerly the landmark Waverly Theater), and regional transportation facilities. Also, in this most recent newsletter, our clients voice their thoughts about Light Projects. And as 2004 draws to a close, a look at some of this year's exciting awards, nominations and press.

Intermodal Terminals Light Projects premier transportation terminal project is being realized. Now in the construction phase is our illumination design for Staten Island's St. George Station, a ferry station and intermodal transit hub by New York City's H.O.K. office to transform this historic waterfront site. Among the renovation project's primary goals was to enhance the commuter experience while realizing the station's potential as the "gateway to Staten Island." The new design incorporates such elements as light and air, views of the harbor and Manhattan, exterior spaces, seamless commuter connections, connections to neighboring sites, and new destination retail--with the overall objective of accommodating bus, car, and rail connections to the terminal as well as offering commuters access to the ferry.

Light Projects is also designing illumination of the Hoboken Ferry Terminal - inside and out - with STV Inc. and Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners.

Museums and Beyond New York City's Track and Field Hall of Fame and Learning Center is an adaptive re-use of a Depression-era armory building, with an entry area featuring barrel-vaulted Guastavino tile ceilings. The nation's largest indoor track is housed here - and hundreds of children use this facility daily. Light projects, working closely with architect Lee Skolnick, developed a systematic lighting approach in concert with the architectural and exhibition design strategy to create what the architect describes as a "modern insertion". Included in the project's scope-of-work are an exhibition portal with fiber-optic illuminated speed lines, and the third-floor "Hall of Fame Inductee Wall" of carved glass. Here, the client can select from a number of lighting sequences -- animating a virtually transparent boundary that dramatically reveals the running-track beyond.

This year also marks the centennial of New York's Jewish Museum, which occupies the landmark Warburg Mansion. Museum director Joan Rosenbaum wanted to honor the history, and celebrate the future, of this internationally renowned repository of Jewish art and culture. In a dynamic expression of this historical theme, Leni's design echoed the infinite possibilities of past and future through the lightplay of thousands of tiny, illuminated mirrors suspended from a frame. These mobiles were positioned in relation to the varied vaulted and architecturally-decorated ceilings of the mansion's galleries and lobby. Additionally, Light Projects provided gallery illumination for the museum's Gala.

"It accomplished everything that we had hoped for", affirmed Ms. Rosenbaum, " a beautiful atmosphere, a sense of history, and a feeling of excitement."

from our clients
Larry Bogdanow, architect/Bogdanow Partners: "For the IFC Theatre [left image], the Light Projects team responded to a complex scope and changing timeline with imagination and efficiency".

Waltraud Beckman, project director/Herman Miller, Inc.: "Leni introduced our team to lighting design concepts and how it all comes to life. We have seen a whole new world of light through Leni."

Susan Rodriguez, principal architect: "Our firm, Polshek and Partners, has been working with Leni and her team at the Brooklyn Museum's new Elizabeth A Sackler Center for Feminist Art--they operate on both a conceptual and technical level in proposing exciting and innovative solutions."

Ted Amenta, Principal/A&Co;: "Your work for us is so provocative and smart --I regret I can not spend more time with you; the sparks of your creativity are an easy balm to the tension of our building project."

Light Projects in the News
Awards and Competitions
Lumen Award: Leni and Light Projects received the citation for Dreaming in Color, a project that has been described as a "splendor" by Seattle Center director Virginia Anderson. The Illuminating Engineering Society agrees: Click for more information about the Lumen Award.

Citylights: Leni Schwendinger led a winning team for the international product design competition sponsored by New York City's Department of Design and Construction, in partnership with NYC Department of Transportation. The competition's goal, according to the DDC design brief, was "to select a new streetlight design for the City of New York. The design challenge facing the competitors is to create an innovative, state-of-the-art design that responds to the unique diversity of the city's architecture and urban landscape while meeting the technical performance standards for a New York City streetlight." Out of 201 submissions, Light Projects was selected Third Alternate by a commission led by competition advisor Ralph Lerner, FAIA and a distinguished jury. LSLP was the only lighting design studio placing in a field of contestants consisting otherwise of architectural firms. Link to learn more about "Citylights".

The Institute of Urban Design
In acknowledgement of Light Projects' contribution to enhancing civic landscapes and engaging the people who inhabit them, Leni has the unique honor of being the first lighting artist invited to join York City's 25-year old Institute of Urban Design.

According to the Institute's founding director Ann Ferebee: "Leni is the first lighting artist to be accepted as a Fellow. Enhancing neighborhood identification is one important role for lighting in the field of neighborhood design".

International and Crossdisciplinary
In April 2004's "Who's Who of Lighting 2004" edition of Lighting: Art & Science for International Designers Journalist Paula Wallace notes: "It was a pleasure to write about Leni's work. I was approached by the publisher to write a story for the annual 'Who's Who' edition - which aims to include all the major players in our industry. We thought it was time to address some of the fascinating questions which blur the boundaries between art and science, the commercial and the artistic, the ephemeral nature of work in the profession of lighting. I was looking for individuals and companies who were involved in these 'grey' areas, and whose work could not be categorised, but which also made a positive contribution to either the world of lighting, of art or the community. [Leni's] work is practical, sound lighting design, and has a beauty and infiniteness about it which placed it well within the realms of art."

In another media development, Leni was showcased in the May 2004 ID magazine. Noted senior editor Julie Laskey: "The ID series 'Material Migrations' showcases concepts for new uses of versatile materials. For the May 2004 issue, we invited three design firms, including Leni Schwendinger Light Projects, to experiment with the honeycomb fiberglass panel known as Panelite. The choice of LSLP was a natural. Panelite is a jewel-colored translucent material that produces striking visual effects. We wanted to see what an acclaimed lighting designer would do with it, and we were delighted with the results. LSLP's proposal for a bus shelter with integrated vending machines and informational displays exploits the material's beauty in a forward-thinking, practical application that would be a boon to any city."

phone: 212-947-6282

Join Leni Schwendinger and her colleagues for The Winner's Circle: Lighting Designers from the IESNY Lumen Awards 2004, an all day symposium. Review award winning projects on Saturday, 11 December 2004, starting at noon, at Center for Architecture, 536 La Guardia Place, New York City. Leni takes the stage at 4.00 pm and will reveal discuss design with colored light for her commissioned art work, Dreaming in Color, at McCaw Hall in Seattle. Registration Required. More Information Here.

Click Here for more information on Leni's current and upcoming lectures and exhibitions. Are you a Light Projects' Senior Associate candidate? Click here to learn about LSLP's current employment opportunity.

Thank you for being a part of Light Projects' luminous world!

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