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Leni Schwendinger Light Projects, Ltd. creates environmental sculpture, lighting designs and large-scale projection performances for architectural, theatrical and public spaces all over the world. Weaving the dramatic and playful possibilities of light into the fabric of urban life, Light Projects' site-specific works transform built forms with light, shadow and images. These works, both ephemeral and permanent, energize architecture, landscape and industrial/commercial infrastructures with the ultimate objective of connecting people to each other and to their surroundings.

Principal designer Leni Schwendinger is a recognized authority on the many issues and applications of public lighting. Leni's advocacy of the “brightened landscape”, through Lighting, Interpretation and Community, has been featured over the past year at various international conferences and cultural centers - a lecture circuit that has taken her to London, Glasgow and Orkney Island, Scotland, Sao Paulo, and Milan.

For over a decade, her Light Projects studio has been a magnet for professional multi-disciplinary collaborations - with project-specific design teams staffed by architects, engineers, and graphic designers committed to Leni Schwendinger's vision and perfectionistic mandate. Balancing technological sophistication, solid project management and artistic verve, the Light Projects methodology has produced a distinctive series of interactions with clients ranging from state and municipal agencies and architectural and engineering firms to museums and events planners - in addition to the engineering consultants, manufacturers, fabricators, traffic and safety agencies, surveyors and contractors essential to Light Projects' works on any scale.

Light Projects is committed to several major New York City-sited projects. Slated for completion in 2004, the Triple Bridge Gateway for The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is a dynamic re-visualization plan for four elevated bus ramps in midtown Manhattan. In collaboration with architects Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Leni Schwendinger Light Projects has designed the illumination for the interior and exterior of Staten Island's ferry terminal and intermodal transportation center, Saint George Station. Concurrently, in development are lighting enhancements for two Jamaica Center tunnels in Queens.

In 1999, Light Projects moved outward in both scope and scale with the Glasgow, Scotland commission, Water Above Water, a Sublime Floating Landscape - centering upon the Forth & Clyde Canal's 2,000-foot configuration of landmarked locks and aqueducts. Actuated through light, reflectivity, sculpture and familiar, vernacular forms - and informed by the North Glasgow Maryhill/Kelvin Dock site's unique social, cultural and architectural history -Water Above Water's ephemeral program of activities and visual installations has inspired plans for permanent area lighting by Glasgow's city-planning authorities.

With public-lighting and illumination increasingly influencing the global language of urban design, and thus the language of urban experience - Light Projects invites you to share Leni Schwendinger's vision in creating the next generation of luminous environments and cityscapes...wherever they may be.

Sited at the Rhode Island Convention Center, Rock-Island-Link occupies a 500-foot tunnel shimmering with retro-reflective murals inspired by the state's granite-quarrying and jewelry-manufacturing industries--and is composed of mirage-like images of gemstones and exploding rock.

In 1994, Light Projects attained wide recognition--and an award from the International Association of Lighting Designers--for the mile-long underground light/sculpture environment at the Denver International Airport. Known as Deep Time/Deep Space, this visual and experiential artwork unfolds as part of a shuttle -train tunnel journey for airport travelers--almost 20 million of them thus far! 

Other luminous environments from Light Projects include: 

For Joop! Jeans' American division, Light Projects' high-concept, functionally designed exhibition booth displayed men's and women's fashions at Magic - the Men's Apparel Show in Las Vegas in February `96. In accordance with the client's goal to reinterpret the Joop! ad campaign with new materials and graphic forms, Light Projects coordinated every aspect architectural, lighting, graphic and decorative to create this modular merchandising format. 

At The Whitney Museum of American Art at Phillip Morris' Performance on 42nd Street exhibition series, Light Projects' Leni Schwendinger and acclaimed sonic artist Ben Rubin developed new technologies to define discrete volumes of synchronized light and sound for March, 1995's Not Dreaming In Public. Spectators were invited to circulate throughout the space to experience dream imagery, and its meaning in public places where sleep is prohibited. 

At the Museum of Modern Art, in collaboraton with landscape designer Jerry Wilson, Light Projects created the settings for a formal dinner celebrating the 1995 Mondrian exhibition with glowing rectilinear color-panels and custom-screened candle lanterns. 

Brooklyn Academy of Music Gala's 1993 sequence of monumental, ever-changing light projections played upon the two-block-long McKim Mead White-designed General Post Office in Manhattan. The interactive art work transformed the neoclassical facade, columns and stairs, allowing passersby and Gala participants alike to experience a rich interplay of different images and perspectives. 

Tokyo architectural partnership Ushida/Findlay's 1993 commission for an original Light Projects projection performance to celebrate in public space the biomorphic urban presence of internationally renowned Truss-Wall-House. Projections composed a visual landscape exploring the idea of home as giant shadows cast by audience members were interwoven with projected images. 

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